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1/200 貨物牽引車/ 行李車 / 拖板 / 供電車 (1/200 Tow Truck / Dolly / GPU / Baggage Cart)

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很久沒給大家更新我們的最新研發了。一直以來我們都是在分享1/400的產品,就在今天了! 我們分享一下 1/200 的研發吧!

今天我們要介紹的是 1/200 貨物牽引車 、貨物拖板及供電車。貨物牽引車及電池車都是金屬材質做的,更富有質感啊~ 牽引車更會附有倒後鏡啊,就好似我們的1/400 Cobus 一樣,盡量做到最仔細給大家。在套裝的時候,會有一個工作人員在套裝裹面,就不會像幽靈機場了。

另外,我們第一版的貨物拖板設計,外型就像日本的拖板一樣,而且配有轉向功能,就像真實一樣啊! 如果再配合我們的1/200 金屬貨箱,一定可以豐富大家的機場場景的。除了金屬貨箱的拖板外,我們也設計了給行李的拖車。由於團隊對細節的認真,包在車箱還面的行李不會因為看得不清楚而沒有顏色,每一個行李都有做設計啊! 這個部份小編給生產團隊大大的讚啊~



Today we are going to announce our new series for 1/200 GSE. 1/200 Tow Truck / Dolly / Ground Power Unit / Baggage Cart!

Our 1/200 Tow Truck and GPU are made by die-cast with details. Some of the small parts will made by etching such as the side mirror and cart connection. The connection part of dolly , GPU and baggage cart are able to turn right and left. We will also include the driver im the tow truck set.

Our first version of the 1/200 dolly design is base on the Japanese airport dolly. The size of the dolly is fit the 1/200 AKE. For the other size of containers, will release in the future. We are also put some details in the baggage cart products. Inside the cart, you will see each of the baggage inside also painted. Collectors can see through the cart and see the inside baggage.

Hope all of you can support us. We will try to release more 1/400 and 1/200 airport equipment and GSE to the collector.

We are welcome all of you to join our membership to enjoy more discount in the future !


1/200 貨物牽引車/ 行李車 / 拖板 / 供電車 (1/200 Tow Truck / Dolly / GPU / Baggage Cart)

1/200 行李車 Baggage Cart

1/200 貨箱 + 拖板 Cargo Container + Dolly

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