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 -   所有商品設全球發貨,如海外客人想訂購可聯絡客服

    All products are shipped worldwide. International          customers please contact us for more information

- 所有訂單需要付50%訂金,才算訂購成功

    The order will be confirmed after finish the payment.

​- 預購產品或會因生產商/供應商而更改到貨時間

    All the pre-order items will not have the arrival date. Please contact us if you have any question about the arrival date.

- 若未能夠成功預購,會盡快通知以及安排退回訂金

    We will arrange the refund when items are already out        of stock. 

The refund process will be taken by the payment  platform.

Questions, comments, requests?

Feel free to contact us via our Facebook Page and Instagram.

Whatsapp: (852) 5574 8694

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